Game have inside commands. Type in chat:

/addstr <count> - add points to the strength

/addagi <count>  – add points to agility

/addvit <count>  – add points to health

/addene <count>  – add points to energy

/addcmd <count>  – add points to command (for DL only)

Example - /addstr 500


/reset – makes a reset, only works after you reach level 400


/grreset – makes grand reset, check in guides to see how many resets you need to have, to do a grand reset in different servers


/move – moves you to the location without using the map

Example - /move lorencia


/post – sends your message for all players to see

Example - /post Hello o/


/evo and /change – changes your character class to an upper one


 /pkclear – clears your pk (orange/red nickname)


/ware – opens different bank sections. Every acc have 3


/ware 0

/ware 1

/ware 2





Bank commands – stores Jewels. This one can be a bit tricky.


/bank – shows how many and what jewels you have stored.


/bankadd <name> - adds a Jewels

Example - /bank add chaos


/banksub <name> <count> - takes amoun of jewels out of bank

Example - /banksub chaos 1


/dcfriend <nick>  <password> – disconnects acc

Example - /dcfriend friend 12345


Posted 10 / 12 / 2020

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