How to use Jewel of Excellent

There are 6 Jewels of Excellent from +1 to +6 every Jewels adds different option, and all of them together makes F.O item.

+1 Jewel of Excellent – makes item excellent and gives Refflect dmg by 5% opt.
+2 Jewel of Excellent – adds Deacrese dmg by 4% 
+3 Jewel of Excellent – adds Increase maximum life by 4% 
+4 Jewel of Excellent – adds Increse amount of zen aqiured from hunting monsters by 30%.
+5 Jewel of Excellent – adds Increase Deff succses rate by 10%
+6 Jewel of Excellent – adds Inrease of maximum mana by 4%

Jewel of Luck

Adds Luck to an item without. Can not be used on item with luck.

Jewel of Skill

Adds Skill option to a weapon.

Jewel of Level

Can be used to increase item level from +9 to +15. This Jewel increases Item level only by 1. So if you add it on an Item with level +11 you will get +12.


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Posted 20 / 02 / 2021

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