The Fancy Mounts: Phantasmal Steed and Ice Dragon

Ice Dragon is a mount that was added in Season 16. 
Made from a Phantasmal Steed or more know as Ghost Horse, a dragon can be randomly made in 2 colors – Blue Ice Dragon and Red Ice Dragon.

To make an Ice Dragon you will need to make a Phantasmal Steed first.

Making a Phantasmal Steed

First, you need to get:
1 Seal of a Ghost Horse
10 Sculpture‘s
5 Jewel of Bless

A Note*
Seal of a Ghost Horse can be bought from an xShop for 10k wcoins.
Sculpture‘s can be found as a rare drop from deep dungeon to Scorched Canyon.

After you get those items, go to the NPC called Trainer and talk with him, then press on Guardian Resurrection and right click on Seal of a Ghost Horse. All the needed Items will get selected automatically. Press combine and you will get your Phantasmal Steed.

-Neko and Braz

Enhancing a Phantasnal Steed

If you want to make an Ice Dragon you will need to enhance your Ghost Horse.You can enchant it at the Trainer, choose a Guardian Consolidation setting.

First You will need to enchant a Ghost Horse too +10
For this you will use Guardian Enchanced Stone‘s (the Blue one‘s)
And Jewel of Life

The You will need to enchant a Ghost Horse from +11 to +15 at the same Guardian Consolidation setting.

For this You will use an Elite Guardian Enchanced Stone‘s (the Pink one‘s)
And Jewel of Life

Be aware that the Combination success chance for an Ice Dragon rises with the level of a Ghost Horse.
+11 - 60%
+12 - 70%
+13 - 80%
+14 - 90%
+15 - 100%

A Note*
How much of everything you need, depends of how much it burns, but no worries. Horse it’s self will not burn, only its level.
-Neko and Braz
Making an Ice Dragon

Finally, after making and enchanting your Phantasmal Steed you can make an Ice Dragon.

For making it you will need:
Ice Dragon Seal
Phantasmal Steed +11 - +15
20 Jewel of Bless
20 Jewel of Soul
1 Jewel of Chaos
1 Jewel of Creation 

To get an Ice Dragon Seal you will need to go to the Priest James, in Mu-Kaimas he is found in Lorencia, outside of the bar.
From him you can buy an Ice Dragon Seal for 300k Ruud.

After you get the materials go to the Trainer in Lorencia, when you click on him select Guardian Update. Then just right click on your Phantasmal Steed and then combine. 

Depending on the level of your Ghost Horse success chance changes:
+11 - 60%
+12 - 70%
+13 - 80%
+14 - 90%
+15 - 100%

There is a small change to get a rare Red Dragon.
-Neko and Braz

Posted 03 / 08 / 2021

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