New Mu-kaimas 500x round!

We are happy to announce that Mu-village 500x server will launch in October 12 20:00 (+3 GMT). This is officially server start date and it will not be changed. Server is fully international and all people from whole world is welcome. Use vote reward system until server starts and earn credits which you will can spend on buying stuff in game, in website or get services. Prices in webshop still can be changed. We are still working on server value balances. More information you will find in our Discord channel.

Main server information:

Version: Season 12

Experience: 500x (dynamic)
Master Experience: 10x

Reset level: 400

Vip reset level: 380

1 Spent hour in server: 5 credits
Drop Rate: 30%
Maximum Level: 400
Maximum Master Level: 400
Points Per Level: 5/6/7
Max stats: 32000
Monsters per Spot: 3 - 8
Boss Monsters Increased HP and damage - 50%
Mu Helper Use from Level 1
Create Guild from Level 200
Shadow Phantom Soldier Buff till Level 300
Shadow Phantom Buff Duration Increased to 2 hours
Marked Spots on Minimap

Dynamic Experience
Reset 0 - 20 = 500x
Reset 21 - 40 = 450x
Reset 41 - 60 = 400x
Reset 61 - 100 = 350x

Posted 14 / 10 / 2019 By adminas

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